This blog is updated regularly with the most intriguing questions. And it’s up to you to answer them the best way that you possibly can. Just pick the questions that you would like to answer and take a poll. If there are answers that you need to certain questions, you will find them on the home page.  Are you up to it? Go on…enlighten us.

If you had a choice, which wild animal would you tame and keep as a pet?

Have you ever experienced an incident where you were lucky, maybe lucky enough to get away with your life? Let’s say for example you were to travel from point A to point B by air. You buy your air ticket but you somehow get delayed and miss your plane. The next thing you know, the plane you were supposed to be on crashed or was hijacked!!!

Where is Liz Taylor buried?

Is there a Gospel of Judas?

What was Marilyn Monroe’s real name?

Liz Taylor’s first movie?

India Pakistan Semi Finals

After the terrible natural disaster that occurred a few days ago in Japan, is the country now safe from nuclear radiation? What’s your take?

Experience with a demonic entity.

Was Jesus married?

Where was Jesus Christ buried?

The perfume lady.

Who was Houdini?

Chicken or the egg?

Change of religion?

God for a day

A million dollars


Rendezvous with Nostradamus

End of days.


Does God exist

Nuclear reactors in Japan.

Rebirth is a concept that many religions and cultures believe in. What is your point of view?

Did Hitler commit suicide or was he assassinated? This has been a topic of controversy for as long as I remember. Share your views.

I recently posted an article on my other blog about children and the paranormal. As I mentioned there, children do have the ability to perceive and even see the paranormal. Many children have imaginary friends, or are they actually imaginary? It’s something that can’t be proven. Some believe that children are far better attuned to the paranormal than adults. A lot of kids also happen to see relatives who have passed away. Skeptics however blame the kids imagination for these sightings that they have. On the contrary, paranormal researchers believe that children can see ghosts and perceive the paranormal upto the age of 11 to 12.

2 thoughts on “Polls”

  1. I do believe that children can see the paranormal.

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