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Recently, I visited a relative who worked in a boarding school. The building is collonial and has immense negative energy that one can easily sense. I interacted a bit with the kids and felt that something was bothering them. There were dark circles under their eyes and I knew that they had not been sleeping well. I probed further and found out that they had been seeing apparitions and had been feeling a whole lot of disturbances in their dormitories.

Listening to a story like this coming from kids you tend to be skeptic for a while. I was doubtful and thought that the kids were making up a story just trying to scare me. That night I decided to do a little test of my own to be sure. I took many pods of garlic and spread them around the dorm. I also placed them at the entrance and at places where the kids had claimed to have seen the apparitions. I went to my room and couldn’t wait till next morning to see what would happen. The next morning I rushed in to the dorm and asked the kids if they had witnessed anything at all. They had not. I looked at the garlic and was shocked. The pods of garlic had turned blood red. And it wasn’t a prank. I peeled the garlic and it was red right through. There was one particular kid who had witnessed the most disturbance. He was down with a fever and was barely able to walk. I asked the kids in the dorm to take him over to the infirmary. He was fine in a couple of days.

After I left, there have been repeated cases of disturbance and sightings at the school by teachers and students alike.