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I am a Christian who was born in a very strict and orthodox family. I was taught never to bow to down to any other religion or any other God. As I grew up I started to hear things that all of us hear everyday. But there was a certain subject that attracted me like a strong magnet. The topic was that of terrorism. I heard about various terror attacks that took place across the globe from sources like print media and television. What surprised me was, why are Muslims the only ones who are caught? I failed to understand it so I started with my own little research.

A lot of my friends told me that Muslims were bad people and always wanted to hurt others. I don’t usually believe what people tell me. I have to see it for myself. Unless I don’t satisfy myself, I will never believe a word that I hear. That is my true nature.

By the way, I have been brought up in a state that is full of Muslims. A majority of my friends were always Muslim. I never ever felt threatened by having them around me. I now work in a Muslim school. I interact with Muslims everyday, students and staff alike. They are like a family to me. They stand by me whenever I need them. I find it rather inappropriate when people blame a certain section of society for the violence and terror that is prevalent nowadays. I challenge anyone across the globe to show me one Holy book that promotes violence. I have read the Holy Quran and it clearly states that Allah despises anyone who hurts another human being, and the murder of one man is considered to be the murder of the entire human race. The Holy Quran promotes peace and harmony across the world. Some of my American friends say that the Quran says, An Eye For An Eye A Tooth For A Tooth. If people who say this have read the Old Testament, it says the same.

My perspective is that terrorists have no religion. They can use the name of any religion that they like, but that doesn’t mean that they follow that religion. I seriously fail to understand the people of today who claim to be so well educated and yet they blame all bad things on a religion. Shame on you!!! When a bomb goes off, irrespective of religion, it doesn’t care who it takes along. So if terrorists were so conscious of their religion, they would ensure that the bomb was planted in a place where no one from their religion was hurt. That is not the case here. So wake up!!! Realize the fact that all of us live under one umbrella which is called humanity. Start respecting that and this world would be a better place to live in.