This has been a topic of discussion for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a home where non vegetarian food was part and parcel of our lives. This question never did come up, whether eggs was considered vegetarian or non vegetarian. This only came to my notice when I started going to school about 3 decades ago when some kids avoided those who ate meat and eggs.
This is my point of view on the subject. There is a dish that is called cutie pie. I’m sure many of you would be aware of this. It’s a dish that is made from the meat of an unborn lamb. A month before the lamb is born the mother is killed and the the unborn is taken out and cooked. Many find this rather disturbing. It actually is!!!I say that the same would apply to the consumption of eggs somewhat. Both are unborn living things and are killed before conception.

Just a thought I wanted to share with all of you. ( I still eat eggs though).