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I was recently talking to a friend of mine who seemed to be quite disturbed. I asked him what the matter was and he told me that someone had cast a spell of black magic or witchcraft on his daughter. He was too embarrassed to say this to anyone or to seek help. I probed further and he confessed that there was a lot of unexplained activity going on in his home as well. After dark his daughter would start acting weird and start screaming and cursing at her parents. During the day she was absolutely fine, just as if nothing was wrong with her. As soon as the sun set she would turn yellow and her eyes would roll up. They were in a sad situation and they had nowhere to go. I then asked him if there was any similar cases in his family in the past. I was absolutely shocked when he said that he had faced the same problems when he was young. Many people had said that he had lost his mind. Some priests and religious people believed that he had been possessed by a demon. I offered to help. Even though I had left this field a couple of years ago I still felt a strong urge to help this man. I felt that God had chosen me for this. I called a friend of mine who is a demonologist and gave him all the details. He said that we would have to take a look at the place before we started jumping to conclusions. So the next day we drove down to this persons house. It was about 3 in the afternoon. We met his daughter and she seemed to be absolutely fine. We walked around the house and at one particular place there was a terrible stench. It was as if someone was burning hair or something. My friend (David), the demonologist, said that there was a presence that was in there. We asked the father of the girl about the room where the stench was coming from. He told us that that was his daughters room. We all suddenly felt extremely cold even though the temperature outside must be good 38-39deg C. So we decided to come back later that night and observe the change in the girls behavior. We came back at around 8 in the evening. She had already started acting wild. She was screaming at her parents and as we entered she threw a vase at us. After this she darted to her room. David and myself ran after her knowing that demons cause the person to harm themselves. We pushed open her door and she was sitting on her bed mumbling something. David started saying his prayers and we joined in. The girls father entered the room and that acted as a trigger for the girl to go wild again. We asked him to leave and he listened to us and left the room. Once again she was quiet. David started talking to the girl and asked her if she wanted to be freed from whatever was holding her. She gave us an affirmative, not in words but a nod. All of a sudden she said something and I swear I have never heard anything that scary in my life…EVER!!! I have had my share of experiences, but this was something I had only seen in the movies. David kept binding her in the Lord’s name and commanded the demon to leave the girl. What the demon said next was something that got us worried and I had no choice but to leave the room. There were tears in my eyes when her father asked me if she was going to be ok. The demon had told us that it was going to kill the girl. It said that it had possessed her father 29 years ago and someone had forced it out. It also told David that it was not leaving without killing the girl this time. This explained why the girl would scream at her father whenever she saw him. I went back into the room and saw that the girl was quiet and lying on her bed. David said that we would have to come back in 2-3 days. He asked me to fast for those 3 days. When we came back after three days, we came across the same situation. David had brought his wife along. She was a demonologist as well and she had cast out demons from a lot of people in her life. We all went into the girls room and David started his prayers and we followed. I have made a video of this exorcism that David carried out and I will upload it shortly after I have the family’s permission. It took us the whole night to get the demon out.

The girl is absolutely fine now and she has gone back to her school which she had missed for approximately 2 months. Do check back in a few days for the video.