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There are so many arguments and so much evidence that indicates that the “King”, Elvis Presley may still be alive. I have been a great fan of Elvis ever since I started understanding music. We grew up on Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and the likes. So when I got to hear that there were articles floating around on the internet, I decided to do a little research myself. A famous news channel also ran a programme a few years ago trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. Did Elvis fake his death??? I don’t know.

Many experts claim that Elvis had filled in his own death certificate. Surprised? Here’s more. According to other sources on the internet, Elvis cashed out two life insurance polices before he died, the third remains untouched. I’m not sure how much of this is actually true but I would sure as hell like to find out. Some say that a few days after Elvis passed, a plane landed in Argentina. There was a limo waiting for someone on that plane.

If anyone would like to add to this, any kind of information that you may have, please do so. I have sent years of my life wishing Elvis was back with us. Please take the time to fill out the poll that follows.