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My mother died when I was quite young. Four years old to be precise. The last thing I remember about her was this once when she came to see me at school. I remember her telling me that she loved me, but besides that she said something else which I have never been able to recall. It’s been almost 28 years since the incident and I still wonder what she might have said. Well, there have been various occasions where I have seen my mother. In my house, in the market, on the street. And whenever I have seen her, she just stares blankly at me. It’s not fear that takes over me at the time. Just a feeling of sadness.

This happened a few years ago on my way to work. I saw my mother standing at an intersection. It seemed to me that she was crying. I could see the tears stream down her face. A lot of my friends told me that I was imagining and seeing things. But this was so vivid that there was no room for doubt. A day later I got news that my grandfather had passed away. My mother knew that he was the only person I had left in my life and maybe she was sad that I was going to be all alone in this world. When I was at my grandfather’s funeral, I saw my mother again. She was looking at me with tears in her eyes.

The spiritual realm does have the potential to reach out to us humans. I believe that death is just a time when physical energy changes to another form of energy that cannot be perceived easily.