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Everyone comes across barriers in life. Sometimes the barriers are big sometimes small. But sometimes, there come barriers which seem to be impossible to overcome. I’m sure all of us have faced this at some point in our lives. I have a regular life, nothing out of the ordinary. I face obstacles everyday in my life just like you. As I have written in my previous posts, there were times that I gave up. I went into a state of depression and wondered why this was happening to me. Then one day a friend of mine paid me a visit. This guy was a shrink but he didn’t want me to feel that he was trying to help me in anyway. He saw the state that I was in and suggested we had a drink together. So we brought out the bottle and drank ourselves silly. Nothing was discussed about my problems. He said that on his next visit he would get me some PC games. I didn’t really care for PC games or any games at that point in my life. But he kept to his word and got me a few CD’s the next day and helped me install them on my PC.

So, here I was with loads of games installed on my system. I started playing them, not to mention getting addicted. I was soon a devoted gamer, playing games online as well as individually. A few days later, my friend called me up asking me about a game. He was stuck at some level and couldn’t find the way out. I told him to keep trying and that it was really easy if he put his mind to it. He came over to my place and asked me to load that particular game, which I did. I loaded it to that particular level and asked him to find the way out himself. So he tried, maybe 7-8 times before he managed to get to the next level. I patted him on the back and said, well done, you’ve just got to keep trying. The guy looked at me and smiled. He calmly replied, ” I’m glad you have finally realized”. It struck me like lightening. This friend of mine had taught me a very important lesson in life using a simple tool like PC games.

After all these years when I recall that incident, I really think to myself that I wish I had tried to solve the problems in my life as hard as I tried to clear those levels in those games. I still play a lot of video games and I try my best to keep that mentality in real life as well. The more you try, the more chances you will have to succeed. God Bless.