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I have done a lot of research on this topic and I have found out certain symptoms that show up in a person possessed by demons. I have personally seen people who have been possessed and believe me, it’s a nasty sight. There was this time when I used to go to Church many years ago. A lady came to mass very often. She was a normal person with no signs of possession whatsoever. Then one Sunday, she started making weird noises and started getting convulsions. The priest offering mass and all the people around her came to help, but she growled like a beast, warding off everyone. Then she fell to the ground and started frothing at the mouth. Everyone was terrified which was pretty natural, looking at the state that she was in. Then she stood up and started cursing. People say that those who are possessed would never go into a religious place. But this was not the case here. The priest quickly brought Holy water and sprinkled some on her. She was screaming as if she was on fire. The priest then asked everyone to leave the Church.

I couldn’t say much about this lady as I used to only see her on Sundays. However, if you are living with someone and you want to know if that person or you yourself are possessed by demonic entities then here are the symptoms.

  • Sudden weight loss/gain
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Going from being an extrovert to an introvert
  • Excessive cursing (Especially if that is not in his/her nature)
  • Sudden attraction to animals like wolves or birds like ravens, crows, owls, etc.
  • Sudden change in the way the person grooms and dresses
  • If the person suddenly turns threatening
  • Sudden obssession with  violence or porn
  • Partial memory loss

These are some of the symptoms of demonic possession. So if you know anyone out there who is displaying any or all of the above symptoms, it is imperative that you show him/her to a demonologist as soon as possible. God Bless!