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It’s really hard to find sites that actually pay for working online. I have tried tens and hundreds of these sites but with no success. Then recently I came across these two sites, clixsense and virtapay. Clixsense is a well established company and there are thousands who have testified positively. Virtapay on the other hand is a relatively new site. The best part about virtapay is that it gives you $25 just to sign up for free. I thought to myself, what did I have to lose? I mean they are giving me the free twenty five bucks. There is no investment involved and it’s pretty simple to use. Clixsense requires you to click on ads everyday which pay you. Every ad has a different payout rate. There is also a game called clixgrid. All it has is an image in a grid. You are required to click on any square in the grid and you stand a chance to win $5. That’s in one shot. In a day you get 25 shots. So if you are lucky you can make a few extra bucks on the grid as well apart from the ads that you click of course. There is money up for grabs on both of these sites for referrals. Virtapay offers $10 for every referral which is pretty good.

Here’s the link http://www.virtapay.com/r/rebelatplay