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I am greatly drawn to the paranormal. When I was younger I got into researching the paranormal just for the heck of it. Just to see what I could find. I used to be very scared of ghosts and the dark. Whenever I did something wrong my dad would punish me by making me stand out in our backyard that faced a patch of woods. It was really scary and to top it off, my dad used to fall asleep, forgetting to ask me to get back to my bed. My punishment usually started around ten at night and could go on for practically the whole night. I started getting used to the dark and didn’t care if there was anything out there or not. One day I got real curious when I heard some strange sounds coming from the woods. I could feel someone watching me. I was 14 at the time of this incident. I didn’t want to wake up my dad as he would be furious, so I strained my eyes in the dark, trying to see where that noise was coming from. I knew that my dad was fast asleep, so I took a few steps out toward the source of the noise. It sounded like a saw on wood. I was now very close to the noise. It was as if it was right above me. I looked up but couldn’t see anything. I returned home and as the years went by I became more and more inquisitive. When I was 19, I had plenty of friends who had similar interests as me, music, photography and the paranormal. We used to always be on the lookout for any fresh hauntings in and around our neighbourhood and our little town. We visited several haunted places and experienced a whole lot of what the paranormal realm had to offer. I have written an article earlier about the types of haunting. I also used to have a blog on the paranormal which I shut down due to certain disturbances that started happening in my home. Nothing happened to me, but my family were all very sick and they had started experiencing and seeing things in the house. My daughter once got up in the middle of the night and started gasping for breath. She has never had a respiratory disorder in her life. We took her to the doctor and there was nothing wrong with her. She was absolutely fine the next day. The trouble started happening every night. Sometimes my wife would face the same problems too. This actually started after I wrote an article on demons. Until then everything was normal and things were going just fine. So I had no choice but to shut down the blog and start writing about something else. There was a regular visitor to that blog who frequently commented on my posts. He asked me why I had shut down the blog, so I told him what was happening. He advised me to keep writing about this and everything would stop. I didn’t really continue writing on that blog however I do plan to post an occasional article on the paranormal every now and then out here.