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The lunar eclipse that will occur tonight is considered to be the longest of the century. I am in India so I can give you an overview of what the situation is like over here. Apart from the earth coming in between the moon and the sun, the Hindus do have certain religious beliefs regarding a lunar eclipse. Since this afternoon, many temples across the country have been locked. Hindus also believe that the consumption of food during a lunar eclipse is a bad omen.

As of now, there are people on the streets waiting to get a glimpse of the eclipse. I can assure everyone out there that they will get more than a glimpse. This eclipse will last for approximately 100 minutes according to experts. The eclipse is expected to start in about one hour from now, i.e. at 11:52PM.

I have my camera handy and am waiting to get a shot of this rare phenomena ( That’s if the clouds don’t get in the way). If I get a decent shot of this eclipse I will post it here for you guys.

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People across the globe who witness this eclipse, please do comment and tell us what it was like. Thanks

Ok, as I promised, here’s a picture of the lunar eclipse from northern India. I couldn’t get a shot with my camera, however I managed a shot with my mobile phone.