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Do you feel that people underestimate you? Do you have an inferiority complex? This is something that I used to face a few years ago. I had this strange feeling that I was being watched at all times. I considered everyone to be superior to me. If anyone laughed, I got the feeling that they were laughing at me. But where did that lead me? I was depressed at all times. I started to hate going out of the house and mixing with people. There were times when I even cnsidered suicide. But then, I started to look for a way out of this. Many folks told me that I was really good at music and urged me to start my band once again. I used to have a band which broke up a few years ago due to some personal issues. So I started looking for guys to play with me in a band as I knew that being on stage, performing in front of a crowd made me feel real good about myself. I put out advertisements on various websites and got quite a few responses. So I formed a band again and started playing some music. Not only did I divert my mind from the negative thoughts that were breaking me down, I also started feeling real positive about myself. That is because I have good knowledge of music and all the guys who had joined the band were always looking forward to advice from me.

So what I am trying to say here is this. There are many people out there who love to make another feel real small. However, God has given every individual some talent that one has to discover and nurture. Keep working on something that has a positive affect on you. Something that makes you feel real good about yourself. I make it a point to nurture at least one new talent every year. I am always on the look out for stuff that I haven’t done before. It doesn’t have to be something really hard, could be something as simple as fishing or skating. But I make it a point to learn something that would keep me occupied. Don’t listen to people who say negative things about you. You get them a dime a dozen. Look for and hang out with people who talk positive, people who advise you well.

I hate writing lengthy articles! So I’ll just stop now and leave you guys with thoughts about this. Think it over and decide whether you want to stay miserable or do you want to go out there and explore new avenues.

Any futher input would be appreciated.