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I was born and brought up in a very strict orthodox Catholic family. Going to church every Sunday was compulsory. Till the time I stayed at home with my folks I must have missed Sunday mass about a couple of times. That’s it, no more. Until I was really ill I had to attend church, no matter what. Every evening my family got together for the Rosary which I have to admit was really painful as my grandmother took a month of Sundays to complete it. Church had become more of a habit for me.

The year when I was 16, I decided to fast during the month of Lent. I sincerely did everything that was supposed to be done during the period. When the month of Lent was drawing to a end, there was a sense of satisfaction that filled me. I felt closer to God than I had ever felt before. So we went for the Good Friday service where we had to really wait for the priest to come to the alter. It was way past time for mass to start, so a couple of my friends and I decided to go check on the priest in his quarters which was in the church compound. We knocked on his door but there was no reply. So we enetered the quarters and what we saw shocked us all. There was the priest having a drink of hard liquor and a roasted fowl. We caught the priest and dragged him onto the church compound where we trashed the living daylights out of him. People of the parish came running and separated us. All my beliefs, all my faith in the church came tumblng down that very instant. It has been 16 years since that incident and I haven’t stepped foot in a church. I am not saying that I am not religious. I pray in the vicinity of my home or anywhere that I get a chance. I have come to believe that one does not need a building to pray to God. The biggest temple is ones body itself. That priest later left his priesthood and continued to live his life as a lay man.

If you think that I did something that I shouldn’t have done, please do comment and let me know. Even if you think otherwise, do comment.