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I started playing farmville on Facebook about 8 months ago. There is no doubt that the game is highly addictive. I started off on recommendation from a friend. I remember watching my friend play this before I had started and I thought “Gosh, what a boring game”. So one day my friend convinced me to join him on FV as he needed to expand his farm. Having a certain amount of neighbors in the game is imperative if you want to expand the farm that you have. So I agreed to join him as a neighbor but told him that I would never play the game. He was OK with it. So, after a few days I got curious and decided to take a look. I started planting and harvesting the first six plots that I got. Then I plowed a few extra plots and there was a message saying that I had leveled up. Now, that’s what got me going. I planted and harvested every single day. Working on the farm like it was actually an asset to me. In between I asked myself, “What the hell am I doing wasting my time like this?”. So I stopped playing the game and decided to stop for good. I was successful for three months after which I took a look at my friend’s farm. He was up to level 50 whereas I had stopped playing at level 20. Once again, Satan tempts. He asked me to just send him a nail for something that he was constructing on his farm. So I logged on and sent him the nail. Then I got fidgety and started clearing the fields of withered crops. Once I was done I plowed and planted and have been doing so ever since. Now I am on level 34 and my friend is on level 69.

Now, the question is, what about all the time that I waste working on that virtual farm? Is it actually worth it? Not that I am asking you this so that I can stop playing. I ain’t ever going to stop playing this game. I’m just way too into it now. It’s addictive to the extent that I would miss out on meals many a times.


There are certain things that you can do to speed up your farming. Many people go on the web everyday looking for cheats. Let me tell you something very clearly, there are no cheats for this game. There are tricks that you can do to farm quicker, but certainly no cheats. The following are some of the tricks that you can do to spped up your farming.

  • A very old trick. Surround your little icon on the farm by obstacles so that he cannot come out. I use hay bales but you can use any thing available like fences etc.This kills the delay caused by him walking from plot to plot harvesting or sowing.
  • For masteries. There are a certain number of crops that need to be harvested to attain a mastery. The secret is to consistently sow and harvest the same crop till the mastery is complete. Don’t keep mixing crops.
  • Get as many neighbors as possible. This is a very important if you wish to expand your farm. The bigger the farm the more XP earned every time you plow, plant and harvest(If fertilized).

Basically there isn’t an easy way to get your levels up. Please don’t contaminate this beautiful game with cheats. Hard work and time devoted is imperative. Convince as many friends as possible to join you on this addictive game.