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Have you ever been in a situation at work where someone is spreading false rumors about you, causing your reputation to deteriorate? It can get really difficult to deal with such situations at times. Before I tell you how to deal with gossipers let’s look at gossip. Firstly, what is gossip? The sole intention of gossip is to demean someones reputation and ultimately get the person fired or reprimanded so that he/she gets insulted and decides to quit him/herself. Now that sounds frustrating, I know, I have been a victim myself. So I decided to work on this and find a way around these suckers. Well, what should you do if you are being tormented by a gossiper? Here are a few pointers. Some can bring real hilarious results.

  • Feed the gossiper with false information, just for kicks. Wait and watch, see how far that information goes.
  • When you come across a rumor about yourself, face the gossiper and tell him/her that you heard a rumor about him/her. ( Using the same rumor that he spread about you)
  • Spread a rumor using his/her name, that’ll get some fireworks going. Say for example, you tell people that Mr. Gossiper said that the boss was working late last night with his secretary in a hotel room. Voila…….Eureka….Whatever…..Make sure it gets to the boss’ ears.
  • Last and least. Beat the shit out of him. But that’ll probably get you locked up. (NOT ADVISABLE)

So, now that you know how to deal with these blood suckers, take them head on. Kill gossip with gossip.

Image by Ambro