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Sachin Tendulkar is a name that the whole world knows today. Some people in India literally worship the guy for his contribution to cricket and the skills that he displays when he is out on the pitch. I was really young when this guy started playing. I used to wonder, “what is a kid doing with all those men out there?”. But in his early days he was explosive. There were some great bowlers who used to fear him when he came in to bat. One of those great bowlers said that he used to have nightmares that Sachin was hitting every ball that he bowled for a six.

As we all know, India is a superstitious country. Now, there is a belief that is prevalent in India. Many people believe that whenever Sachin hit a century the country lost the match. But, if you look at his stats, they tell a different story. I am not sure if Sachin knows about this rumour or not and if he did, how would he react?

A question for all my readers. Do you believe in this superstition? Answer in the comments section to get the conversation going.