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When I started blogging I was doubtful whether I would get traffic to my site at all, leave alone huge amounts of traffic. I tried various techniques and got a few people to get to my site. One of those techniques was face to face conversation with my friends and family. I encouraged them to get on to my blog and use the Facebook “like” button. Does sound a bit unethical, but I did get a fair amount of traffic from this source. Facebook helped me a lot because, I may have a few friends, but those few friends have a few hundred friends that they are connected to on Facebook. So when they clicked on “like”, immediately their friends got a notification saying that Mr. X, your friend, just liked a link. Now those hundred friends have more, and the list goes on. People usually underestimate the power of social networking sites. Try this method, it works like a spell.

Now, apart from Facebook (my best source of traffic), I tried some other crappy techniques to boost traffic. I know I should have stuck to FB, but everyone learns from their mistakes. So I signed up with various other sites that promised to boost traffic for me. I didn’t see a rise in traffic, oh no, all I saw was a boost in my spam email. So I reported every last one of them. I actually didn’t post an article on my blog for one whole day because I was too busy reporting spam.

I used other sites like stumbleupon.com and reddit.com. Reddit gave me a blast of traffic on a consistent basis while stumbleupon gave me an occasional few. I prefer using reddit.com. There are millions of folks on there at any given time. So if your listing gets to the “hot” section, you can really expect a miracle.

I also leave comments on blogs with a link to my site. Now, to ensure that people follow that link, the comments that I post have to be of great value to the readers. If it comes across to them that I am just trying to market my blog, they would probably report me and possibly ban me from even commenting in the future.

Another source of valuable traffic is yahooanswers.com. I am considered an expert within that forum, so I do get a good amount of traffic from there. But don’t forget to leave a link to your blog after your answer.

Youtube works wonders for me sometimes. I search for videos that match my niche and start commenting on them. There again, leave intelligent comments. I know youtube.com does not allow you to leave links in the comments section. But, what the heck, creativity isn’t dead yet…

These are the few things that I do to get some traffic to my blog. Do let me know if you have any more suggestions for me.