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Coughing is an involuntary action that is done by the human body to expel any foreign bodies that irritate the air passage. There are two types of cough.

  1. Wet cough – This is when the person coughing brings up phlegm.
  2. Dry Cough – No phlegm is produced hence more painful and irritating.

A cough can be cured within a few days but if chronic, it can go on for months at end. Usually, smokers suffer with a chronic cough.

These are a few steps that can be taken to cure cough at home.

  • Chew on raw ginger. You can also mix some ginger juice with black pepper (ground) and honey and drink it. This helps a lot.
  • Cut a lemon, sprinkle with black pepper and suck on it.
  • Mix honey with onion juice and drink it
  • Chew on liquorice
  •  Gargle with warm spinach juice if you are suffering with a dry cough
  • Gargle with warm salty water