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The term “ghost” is very generic and underated. When we talk amongst ourselves, we talk about our house being haunted or our friend’s house being haunted. But do we ever sit back and think, what type of haunting is this? Or, are all hauntings done by entities of the same nature? I have been researching the paranormal for as long as I remember now. I used to have a blog which was entirely dedicated to the paranormal. One day I wrote an article about demons and the same night weird things started happening in my house. I didn’t take notice at first, but then a demonic entity started pestering my family. Every last person in the house was seriously ill and I was unsure of the action that I should be taking. So I prayed, and I had a dream that I was to delete whatever I had written and pick a topic that had nothing to do with stuff like this. So I started this blog after I got rid of the other blog. Hoping things would get better, and they sure did. But I am so obsessed with this field that I had to write this article again.

This is a brief description of the types of hauntings that people can encounter

  • Residual haunting

This is more or less like a tape that plays itself over and over again. The entity usually repeats an incident that happened at the time of death or something that it liked doing when it was in human form. For example, you hear a sound every night at a particular time. Probably like a sewing machine running or clothes being washed. These incidents happen at around the same time every night/day.

These spirits are harmless and will do their thing and rest again.

  • Intelligent haunting

Every human being posses intelligence during their lives. Researchers claim that there is a possibility that this intelligence may be carried away by the spirit when it leaves the body. Any spirit that has the ability to make contact, physical or otherwise is termed as an intelligent entity. These are also harmless but there have been cases reported where an entity made physical contact and hurt the person. However, this is something that I do not believe, because, the only entities that are capable of causing harm to a person are demonic entities.

  • Poltergeists

Often referred to as a young girl entering her puberty stage. This is an entity that will literally make a mess of your house by throwing things around and disturbing the peaceful environment that should prevail in any home. These entities are not harmful except if you get in the way of a knife or something sharp thrown by it.

  • Demonic entities

These entities were never mortal. As per the Bible, satan was cast into the      bottomless pit along with his followers. Demons are considered to be those followers of Satan. Their only motive is to cause chaos amongst the people on earth. If you have read your Bible you will know that Satan used to be one of the best angels that God had. Now researchers say that if Satan and his followers appeared in their actual form, they wouldn’t be able to scare a fly due to their beauty which was given to them by God. So they change their appearance and scare the hell out of people. Demons can also take the form and shape of anything or anyone. They don’t need transport to get from point A to point B. If they get hold of a person, it is most likely that they would only rest once that person is dead.

  • Doppelganger

This is also referred to as the evil twin. Many people have seen themselves in the marketplace or any other place. These people have not lived for more than a few days once this happens. It’s like a replica of oneself. Experts claim that this is like the angel of death who comes down to receive the soul of the person.

  • Shadow haunting

Some say that this is a different type of haunting, but I believe that this is nothing but a demonic manifestation. People claim to see black misty shadows, or some kind of a shadowy figure. As I mentioned, demons can take any form they please, and this could just be one of them.

So this is the list of the types of hauntings that people have encountered. If you have something to add or something that doesn’t seem right to you in this article, please do comment and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.