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Nowadays, kids get distracted very easily. They find it really hard to concentrate on what they are doing. They are vulnerable to even the slightest distraction, especially while studying. There is a secret to studying, and believe me it’s no rocket science. We all go through a phase where we find it hard to register stuff in our brains. It all happens when our studies get too monotonous and boring. These are a few things that I did when I was in school, and I ensure that my kids do it now.

  • Write stuff down. It is very important that you write while you learn. Writing keeps your mind focussed and helps you understand what you are studying. If you try to memorize stuff like a parrot, you are going to fail miserably. It is imperative that you understand the content that you are reading. Once you understand the content you will never forget it. It’s like using a mobile phone. Do you open up the manual and try to memorize everything there? Or do you start using the phone and gradually start understanding the functions? Once you have used the phone for some time, you will never need the manual again. That is because you have understood the concept and the functions and you have used them for a period of time. Same goes for studies.
  • Turn off all distractions. Choose a place that is serene and where no one can disturb you.
  • Finish all pending tasks before you start studying. If you have something pending your mind is bound to be distracted with thoughts about that task.
  • Don’t keep a mobile phone near you while studying. Switch it off and leave it in another room. Even if your phone is switched off and it’s with you, you will keep fiddling with it, hence distraction. It’s no point choosing a serene place and carting your mobile with you.
  • Revise by writing down whatever you have understood.

These are a few points that will help you get the result that you want in your exams.

All the best…