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Alcohol consumption has become very common in our day to day lives. It is something that has been a part of celebrations for as long as mankind remembers. However, there are still many cultures where the consumption of alcohol is considered taboo. There are people who can’t go home smelling of alcohol. There is a fear in them that has been a part and parcel of their lives. It has been passed down from generation to generation that they must not touch alcohol. In every society there are some people who enjoy this drink but have to be careful to not get caught by their parents or relatives.

When we drink alcohol, there is a distinct smell that stays in our mouths because of the spirit present in the drink. Remember, spirit is highly volatile and evaporates quickly. When we drink alcohol, the spirit keeps evaporating in our stomach and escapes from our mouths. So how do we get rid of the smell? I wrote this article especially for people who need to get rid of the smell before they get home. There are various ways to get rid of the smell. I have listed them below.

  • Use mints (sugarless) and gargle your mouth with mouthwash. You can also chew on gum (sugarless), however, the smell is not coming from your mouth, it’s from your stomach, so this will cut down the smell temporarily.
  • A good option is Antipoleez. I have spoken to many friends who have used it and are mighty satisfied.
  • Peanut butter is another option that works fine.
  • Drink a lot of water, it rehydrates your body and cuts down the smell and the dryness in your mouth.
  • No cocktails. Don’t mix your booze.
  • Eat stuff that will absorb the booze. Make it a habit to eat while you drink.
  • Chew on peanuts
  • I kept the best remedy for the last. Chewing baby guava leaves cuts the spirit smell right from your gut to your mouth. I personally use this method when I have had a long night and need to be in office early morning. It works like a charm. Don’t believe me??? Try it for yourself.
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