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Virgo (Aug23rd To Sept 22nd)

These are probably the best people in the world. They can adapt with anyone they like. What I mean to say is, they can alter their ways according to the company they are in. They love to have the limelight on them at all times. It’s almost like they are starving for attention. They want to be heard at all times. They are very logical and very friendly. They rarely get angry but when they do they tear up their opposition with harsh words that can hit your heart. If they love someone, it’s really intense and you can be sure they will never cheat on their spouse. On the other hand, if they hate someone, they will hate that person to their grave, There is almost no chance that they will change their opinion about any person. They can go to any extent for the person they love. Also known to have limitless patience, They are very sentimental, and if their sentiments are hurt then God help the person who hurt them.


Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn

Birth Stone

Emerald, Sapphire

Lucky Colors

Gold, black

Lucky Numbers

30, 20, 8

Image by Salvatore Vuono