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If the world had to be taught a lesson in honesty, they should all be given a chance to go to Japan where the earthquake and tsunami had struck a few weeks ago. Weeks after the disaster, all that is left to see is rubble and debris from the several buildings that have been razed to the ground and thousands of people with a look of utter sadness on their faces, with no place to go. In an event like this when the storm passes, many people would have gone searching for things that they could use to rebuild their homes. Many people found valuables and loads of cash buried in the rubble. So what did the do? They take all the money and valuables to the nearest police stations and deposit it there in the lost and found section. How many of us can actually do that? It’s a matter of realizing the value of life, and I think that the people of Japan have understood it well. They have understood the very fact that nothing matters when nature strikes. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor a person is. It takes everyone in its path, regardless of caste, sex, religion, status in society etc.
This incident has opened the eyes of the people there and brought forth the good inside them. The police stations are flocked by people who have found money or valuables, just to ensure that people who have lost their stuff can have a chance at rebuilding a part of their homes if not the entire thing. Only if people in every country across the globe inherited this trait, the world would be a better and safer place to live in.