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Japan was again rocked yesterday by a powerful earthquake. The sad part is, it hit the same place that it did the last time, Miyagi. Some news channels are also warning people of a possible Tsunami. People who live along the coastline have been asked to move up to the hills. But, are the hills safe? Isn’t there a possiblity that there would be landslides etc. that would block the ways to the hills.

These are times when the whole world should unite in prayer, forgetting all our differences. These are times when we need to just forgive and forget. God is great, we just have to knock and He will open the doors, ask, and He will grant us our wish. Let’s have faith in Him and pray for Japan and for the entire world. Pray for His mercy and forgiveness. People have been spreading things about the end of days in 2012, but, the Bible says that no man can know or predict the coming of our Lord. So let’s just be prepared for His arrival at all times. Don’t say God will come in 2012 so I’ll have a good time in 2011 and then settle down in the year of the apocalypse. That will not be considered in His court. What if He just comes today or tomorrow? Will you be ready?

Here’s a prayer that I wrote for Japan.

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for this wonderful world that you have given us. A place far more beautiful than any other planet. I thank You for all the company that You have given us. I pray that this gift of life may be cherished by each and everyone of my brothers and sisters and me. I pray very specially for the people of Japan, it’s a name given to a part of this planet by us humans. I pray that the earthquakes and tsunamis may cease immediately and normal life be restored for the people in that country. That they may find peace and refuge in You. You said ask and you shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. The whole world is asking this of you Lord, stop what is going on in Japan. Help the people there. We ask for forgiveness for our sins and for the sins of the people there. In Lord Jesus’ name we pray.

Please leave your prayers in the comments section. I will forward all prayers to leading news channels, so everyone around the world will unite with us and pray for the people who have suffered tremendous loss due to this natural calamity.

Image by Salvatore Vuono