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Looking at the recent natural disaster that struck Japan recently, a new religion came to my mind. I want to start this religion where everyone is welcome. It’s called Humanity. The way that people from all over the world have generously helped and donated has given me this idea of starting this religion. The ten commandments are as follows:

  • No need to leave your current religion
  • Help a needy person at least once a day
  • Try to get the poor off the streets by providing them shelter if you are able. If you can afford to pay their rent every month or better still buy them a house, you will be in Heaven.
  • No killing
  • No stealing
  • No getting jealous of another human, he’s gonna know that on Judgement day
  • Love everyone….No enemies allowed here. Leave behind all differences
  • Protest against anyone who tries to start a war.
  • If you see a person in need, get your ass there and help him
  • Don’t indulge in unnecessary talk, gossip causes hate

Follow these commandments and be sure to reserve a place for yourself in heaven. God Bless.