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I’m sure you have come across various religious channels with prayer leaders who preach enthusiastically, practically screaming at the audience as they wave their hands frantically for salvation. People falling all over the place, overpowered by the aura. Have you ever asked yourself, “Could all of this be actually happening?”, “Is it really true?”. This is something that i have had an experience with. I used to follow a great prayer leader from a Christian channel. He preached in a manner that convinced me that he was sent by God. Every month I donated a good amount of money to his mission. But then one night I had a dream. In the dream there was this man who told me to write to this prayer leader and ask him to give up all his wealth and preach like Jesus did. So the next morning I got onto my computer and wrote an email to this preacher stating exactly what the man in my dreams ad told me. I didn’t tell the preacher about my dream. It’s been 4 years now and I haven’t got a reply to that mail. Not even reminders for the donation. A few months later some guys uncovered the dirty secrets that this preacher had hidden in his closet. As it turned out, this preacher had been living a lavish life and his acts on stage like performing miracles were all a result of mass hypnosis at which he was a master. A few months after the matter cooled off, the guy was once again on TV, preaching as usual and praying for forgiveness for the people who demeaned him.

My point is, every preacher that I have come across from any religion, tend to ask for money at the end of their sermon. Why do they need to do that I wonder? The Bible says that God will provide, it doesn’t say beg as these guys do. If they had the faith that they claim to have they wouldn’t be asking people for money. It’s really sad when this happens, you listen to a great sermon on TV and at the end of the sermon a flashy advertisement pops us asking for donations to help them spread the word of God. People from all over the world knew Mother Theresa. I have never heard of her asking for donations for her works of charity. But people used to donate nevertheless.

Did Jesus ever ask anyone for money to spread the Word? I don’t think so.

If you have had any similar experiences please let us know about it. Leave your experience in the comments section.

Image by Graur Razwan Ionut