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With the luxury of mobile phones these days, many people communicate with each other by texting. Texting is an economic method and saves you plenty of time and money at times. But, has texting changed the rules of the language? I sometimes get text messages from friends that I can’t even understand. I have been educated by the Irish Brothers way back in the 80’s. So if someone is presenting me with something to read, I would like that information to be as immaculate as possible. That’s the way I was educated, purely orthodox. I don’t believe in texting. It may save you some time and money, however, how sure can you be that your message went across the way you wanted it to? How do you know that your message was not misinterpreted? You understand what you have typed, but how sure can you be that the person on the receiving end would understand it? Think about it.

Talking, of course, can take up more time than texting. However, while talking you do have total control over your voice and how you intonate to stress on certain points. While texting you can only stress on points by possibly underlining or writing everything in CAPS which may even seem like you are yelling. For me talking is a better way to communicate rather than sending silly messages which aren’t even written in proper English.

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Image by Danilo Rizzuti