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Back when I was a kid I remember being allowed to watch the television for not more than an hour a week. There used to be a single channel that was available for viewing. And my parents kept a close watch on what I was watching. If there was anything that seemed “dirty”, the television set was turned off at once. At that time even a simple kissing scene or a scene which seemed to be obscene or violent would cause the TV to be turned off. So, basically I wasn’t exposed to things like violence etc. that was out there.

Nowadays, kids have the TV on practically the entire day, watching crappy reality shows where they show lovers practically making out on camera, kids screaming at their parents and violent demonstrations taking place somewhere. When I was young we didn’t have the luxury of mobile phones. Nowadays kids have mobiles, practically everyone has them. I am not saying that watching TV or having a mobile phone is bad. However, if not used properly these can cause our kids to go astray. Mobile phones were made for convenience. So that we may stay in touch with our friends and dear ones even on the go. Businessmen use their mobiles to close deals worth millions of dollars. But, has the young generation learned the actual use of this instrument? Nowadays, every now and then we turn on the news and see a crime committed using a mobile. Obscene videos get made every second by people who abuse this instrument. People have even gone to the extent of using mobile phones to detonate bombs. Everything that was made for the benefit of mankind is now being abused by the younger generation. Television shows have evolved with the times. There are channels which provide great information, however, the younger generation choose to watch channels which would teach them how to disrespect everyone they know in their miserable lives.

I remember when we used to get scolded or beaten for doing something wrong we didn’t even have the guts to look up at our parents. And the generation nowadays prefer to go to the cops or worse still try to beat the shit out of their parents. The kids nowadays don’t realize that parents are the ones who would stand by them no matter what. All in all kids nowadays have no respect for anyone or anything. Watching shitty shows the whole day doesn’t make you smarter than the older generation. The fact still implies, your parents were born years before you were so they for sure know more than you do. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel you twirps, we’ve been there done that. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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Image by Graur Razwan Ionut