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An abbreviation for “Television Rating Points”. This determines the popularity of a television show. It can also be termed as the unit of measure for popularity of a TV show or program.

TRP is measured in two different ways. One is a meter that is installed in the homes of the viewers. This meter monitors channel viewing, however this meter can go wrong sometimes as the operator providing cable services often changes the frequency of channels.

The second method is more effective and can often be noticed clearly. There is no physical device installed in the viewers home, however when the viewer is watching a certain program, a small tab suddenly pops up with a code on it. This code stays on the screen for about a minute. Now this code appears on millions of TV sets across the world, on the same program of course. So within a minute, the people monitoring the program know how many people have that program on thus determining the popularity of the program. The process is very detailed and intricate, I have put in lay man’s language for the benefit of everyone who is not tech savvy.

Image by Graur Razwan Ionut